What is a canvas print? – everything you need to know

canvas print 3

Canvas prints are eye catching and a fine addition to your home. whether you are displaying a great family picture or an artistic piece, it always seems to leave a statement. They are the perfect addition to any modern or traditional home décor.

So, what is a canvas print?

Canvas prints are not like canvas paintings. The canvas print involves printing an image onto the canvas from an inkjet while the painting is just like painting on paper but on canvas. The canvas is printed the stretched onto a frame.  Some people prefer to have the canvas without a border while others go for a framed canvas.

The unframed canvas print is created using the gallery wrapping method during which the canvas is wrapped around stretched bars then secured to the frame.

What is the canvas made of?

Canvas is one of the strongest and most durable material and is created with hemp.  Currently, canvas is made of cotton and linens instead of hemp, some are even made from cotton and polyester.  Polyester prints come out more vividly which makes it long lasting. The best material will depend on your priorities. Cotton canvas produces very high quality and colourful prints.

Framed vs bare canvas prints

Modern décor has seen the mix of canvas and framed prints in the same room.  The frame is the safer choice because you get to chose a colour that connects the art/painting to the home décor.  You can also shift the mood of the painting by changing the colour or patterns of the frame. Simple block colours like black separate the art from the home décor to give it more focus.

Choosing a frame that rhymes with the home furniture and colours is important.  The canvas gives you a more versatile and free approach when it comes to decorating the home. you do not need much thought to add them into any modern styled room.

Canvas print layouts

There are two types of layouts; single and multi-panel canvas layouts. Single canvas is great for huge statement pieces and smaller wall spaces.  Multi-panel canvas prints are great for people with huge wall spaces. You can use them to create a panel layout. You can use from 2 to 10 pieces depending on the size of the canvas and that of the walls.

Common Canvas shapes and size

The three top common shapes are rectangular, square and hexagon.  Square are great for grid layouts; rectangular ones can fill asymmetrical layouts and hexagonal ones are great statement pieces for common rooms like the living room.

Some of the popular design ideas for a canvas include; the modern art, abstract, family photo, pets and cute animals, inspirational quotes, nature, landscape and personalised art.

Does canvas fade over time?

Canvas prints are made with fade resistant ink that is created to last for a while. Despite that, there are several things you need to do to keep the print looking new for as long as you can. The first step is to purchase canvas made with UV resistance. Keep the canvas prints out of direct sunlight and consider putting it in a glass frame.