Tips for Choosing Photos for Canvas Printing

canvas print 2

Canvas photos on the wall not only make the home personalised, but also add modern style and comfort. Canvas printing is a new form of art that is quickly gaining popularity in the modern home decors. Canvas printing proves to be better than traditional paper art because the images are easy to showcase anywhere.  It is advisable that you pick the pictures to be printed on the canvas carefully so you can get the best results

Here are a couple of guidelines to help you pick the right images:

A quality photo for a quality print

With the help of some of the latest technologies, digital print companies can restore and enhance old pictures. Despite the good news, they can only do so much. Some pictures are of very poor quality and can be difficult to restore.  Very clear shorts will come out great on a canvas print. Do not forget to pick an image with good lighting.  Pictures with

Pick photos that have a high digital count, preferably between 150-330ppi. A picture with less clarity is one which falls below 150ppi. The canvas will come out blurry and put of focus which is completely unpleasant.

Generally, keep away from blurry, out of focus and underexposed photographs/pictures if you want the canvas print to come out professional. Also keep in mind that some less clear pictures can be used on the canvas as long as there is focus on photo.

The main reason for the high pixel photos is that they are easily enlarged. Pictures with high pixel counts produce better images on the canvas when compared to those with low pixel count.

Select according to the canvas size and shape

This is another important factor to consider when picking out the photo. It affects the final results. For a horizontal frame, choose a landscape photo to maximise the space. Images of your face and upper body will look great on a square frame.

The borders and wrapping

During the canvas print making process, the canvas material is first stretched over a shaped wooden frame. (the frame is usually ready to be hung). The process is known as wrapping. If the measurements are not done correctly, part of the original photo will be lost.

To avoid this, make sure you look up the recommended size of the picture from the printing company before you make any final decisions.  The company also has the power to advice you on the size and angles of the picture that will look good on a certain piece of canvas.

Unlike the regular paper prints, you will not need a frame for the canvas art because they are made to the displayed directly. The borders of the canvas can be customised to your liking but based on the size of the photo.

Final word

Make sure you ask for plenty of information from the printing company before you make payments for any services. Make sure you are getting exactly what you want and what you are paying for.