Canvas Printing Tips – tricks for beginners

Canvas print

Canvas printing has become a popular art, especially for personalised home decors. The texture of the canvas gives the photos a sense of dimension and debt, making it beautiful and artistic. While it is easy to be confused, not all canvas prints are made the same.

Here are some tips on canvas prints everyone should know:

Always use high quality images

When picking out the image to be printed on the canvas, always go for those with a high resolution. A high resolution enables the quality to remain high even when the photo is enlarged before being printed on to the canvas. This does not necessarily mean that you need a picture from a high-end camera to make a good canvas.

Printing old photos is possible

Phone pictures from a decade ago will not do you any favours when it comes to making canvas prints. The good news is, almost everyone has a high-quality printed photo from back then.  Technology today allows the recreation or retouching of an old printed photo through some photo editing programmes. Basically, you can repair the old and worn out images, get rid of underexposure and red eye to produce good quality images.

Chose a fitting canvas shape

There are several things you need to consider when choosing the canvas shape. Some pictures are best displayed vertical while others look good on a horizontal frame. For instance, a family portrait looks better on a horizontal portrait while a self-portrait will look good on a square or vertical canvas. Canvas printing companies offer different shapes so it is better to enquire first to see if the image will be fitting.

The colour scheme is important

The whole point is to match your canvas print with the colour scheme in your home for more practical and artistic reasons. Prints of family and friends will look good on the wall regardless. If you are looking for an artistic look, take your time to think about the colour schemes so you can pick the right image for the wall.

Consider the area where you will hang the canvas

You have to consider this even before you shop for a canvas. There is no need to order a large canvas when you only have so little wall space to spare.  A tiny canvas print would look very odd on a larger wall space.

Remember, if you are trying to present someone with a gift, ensure you look around the home so you can get the perfect size.  If they have lots of pictures, try as much as you can to follow the scheme.

Use an image that you really love

Pick an image that will always leave you happy. Remember, you are spending time, money and effort into this project and it needs to be done right. The high-quality photos will do well in the living room as long as they match the theme.

There are multiple other options you should consider when getting an image printed on canvas. While it might be expensive, canvas with a thicker frame depth, a mirrored/border colours and a nice canvas finish will give the photo the perfect look.