About us

Hi, my name is Jaime Noah.

I have been a creative for as long as I remember. My love for art began from a very tender age. With a degree in interior design from one of the best art universities, I believe I have all the skills it takes to decorate a home. I created photo-print-on-canvas.com to help people like me express their artistic point of view through canvas art, while decorating and personalising their homes at the same time. My experience with home décor and interior design has improved drastically through the amount of knowledge and experience I have collected over the years.

This is a website dedicated to canvas printing. Canvas paintings are relatively new but the rage when it comes to a modern home design. While it seems easy, it can be tricky to create the perfect print canvas for your home. My goals are to help you understand, chose and create the perfect photo print canvas that lives up to your standards and artistic points of view.

My content is my pride, this has driven me to deliver honest, and well researched information to the viewer. I work with a number of artists, content creators, writers, editors and interior designers to ensure I deliver modern and well though content to the viewer. You can trust us to bring you the most modern and eye-catching interior design content that will help you transform your walls from plain to an artistic gallery. We hope to reach and inspire people from different parts of the world with our artistic points of view.

At photo-print-on-canvas.com, we value your opinion and this is why we encourage everyone to share their opinions and comments about anything on the website.  If you have any questions regarding canvas print and home décor, my team and I will happily help you find the answers.